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Antique Piano Restoration LLC
Restoration Process
Step 1. Technical measurements are taken,
which are useful in rebuilding the piano to its
original state.

Step 2. The piano is carefully disassembled
and each cabinet part is stamped with its
identification number. This ensures
identification in the assembling process.
Strings, plate, pinblock, and action is removed.

Step 3. All cabinet parts are hand stripped with
a finish remover.

Step 4. Cabinet and bridges are placed in a drying room where the moisture level is lowered prior to repair.

Step 5. All wood surfaces are carefully inspected for damage and then properly repaired, prior to staining and sealing.

Step 6. Wood surfaces are stained to the customer's choice of wood tone, followed by multiple lacquer sealer coats, and then ultimately by the final lacquer finish coats.

Step 7. After final curing, finishers painstakingly hand rub all cabinet parts to give it the classic piano satin finish.
Step 1. Plate is inspected for any structural damage and/or cracks.

Step 2. Plate is stripped, and repaired if necessary.

Step 3. Plate is primed and color and lacquer finish is applied.

Step 4. Serial numbers and logos are applied (matching originals).
Each piano comes with a new custom made pinblock made to factory specifications.
Step 1. First, is to decide if to restore the existing soundboard or to replace it with a custom duplicate.

Step 2. In repairing an existing soundboard, any cracks or seams are routed out and a new piece of spruce shim is inserted. We then meticulously apply stain to best match its original appearance.

Our replacement soundboards are Canadian made from Bolduc
Each piano receives a custom new set of treble and bass strings.
Each piano receives a custom new set of keytops. Ebony's are repaired if necessary and refinished in black satin
Hardware is polished to look like new. Or, if the customer chooses to, hardware can also be nickel plated for an extra charge.
After rebuilding piano with new felt, a machine called "The Pounder" plays all the white keys, and then all the black keys over and over again. Afterwards, we can confidently regulate the piano. This is a very lengthily process which includes many adjustments. The process is refined and repeated until the piano's mechanisms operates at peak efficiency.
Piano is tuned at least 5 times prior to delivery.

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